Who We Are

Wein Mediation™ was developed to provide professional independent Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes to lawyers, accountants, government authorities and appointed regulatory bodies, businesses, franchise groups, landlords, tenants who require high standard mediation in either mandatory or pre-litigation dispute resolution.

Wein Mediation™ can provide you with a qualified, accredited and legal trained mediator experienced in the area of your dispute who can assist you or your client in attempting to settle the matter through a professionally mediated process that will avoid the need for litigation or the continuation of litigation in progress.

The Principal of Wein Mediation™ Alan Wein also provides policy and regulatory framework advice to both federal and state governments on a wide range of small business, legal and regulatory issues and Mr Wein's counsel on legal and business issues is highly respected throughout Australia."

Wein Mediation™ was established in 2003 by Alan Wein LL.B, whose unique methods have led to his outstanding reputation and success in legal and commercial disputes.

Avoid litigation through professionally run mediation.